MC65 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Technology


GEM has moved ahead of competitors in the market place by investing in New Technology.  All merchandisers now carry PDAs to capture data that can be synchronized and electronically sent to GEM’s Head Office.  From here it is loaded on to a web site for you to view immediately in real-time, reducing delays in waiting for reports due to paper processing or postal delays.

This technology can incorporate briefs, collect barcode or out of stock reports and collect digital images. It allows GEM to capture bespoke data for you.  The beauty of this system is that the software for this application is managed and written in-house by the GEM office team.  This gives you the ability to request changes to your brief at a moment’s notice.

The PDA is also a phone and email tool so that merchandisers and the office can communicate with each other at all times.

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