Field Team

Head of field operations

Mike Leary has spent 17 years working in Store development and retail store management, more recently 10 years managing and developing garden centres.


Andrea BrookNational Merchandising Manager,

Andrea Brook has 19 years’ experience within the merchandising industry and has worked for GEM for 4 1/2 years.


Mike and Andrea are responsible for visiting merchandisers on a regular basis to ensure consistency in working practices Nationwide and are in constant contact with Clients providing regular updates on the success of in-store promotions.

Communication is important to our success so everyone is in constant contact by phone, through new technology via the PDA, via e-mail, conference calls and weekly bulletins.

Their duties include:-

  • Writing briefs and call sheets as a guide for merchandisers
  • On-going merchandiser training geared specifically to each client
  • Analysing and summarising reports from data collected by merchandisers
  • Attending regular meetings with clients

Team Leaders

Responsible for specific regions to lead and co-ordinate tactical in-store activity to ensure deadlines are met.  They are on hand to support merchandisers on a daily basis to ensure promotions are running well and provide regular updates to management.


Tactical support merchandisers

Trained either by the GEM Management team or by attending client training courses they are capable of managing new store openings, range reviews, refits or installing racking etc.


Full-time and part-time merchandisers

Everyone is trained on how to read planograms, clean shelves, place and dress stock forward, carry out range reviews, place price labels and POS/wobblers and replace damaged packaging. They are also trained in uplifting discontinued stock.

Each merchandiser is trained to keep their “ears and eyes open” to notice and report immediately, anything that impacts your business.  They are usually the first to know if there are product issues that you need to react to quickly.  They also see what your competitors are up to on a regular basis. They have initiative, experience and a very good relationship with store staff to solve issues in store swiftly.

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