Why use GEM?

You are looking for solutions to assist you grow your business; but why use an outside merchandising Company rather than your own staff?

  • You would like to expand in to new markets and don’t have the installation or merchandising experience to know where to start?
  • You want to keep your costs to a minimum.
    You cannot afford to employ a national merchandising team of your own or do not have sufficient sales staff to cover the whole of the country.
  • GEM will charge you less for carrying out a call than it would cost you to use your own resources and staff because we share costs between all of our clients. You will share the payroll costs, downtime in employees traveling between stores and their mileage costs.
  • GEM merchandisers spend up to 8 hours a day in one store for a number of clients. You request the amount of time and frequency you would like our merchandisers to work specifically for you within your budget and timescale.
  • You only need support for seasonal periods or one off tactical work.
    You have a new store or a range review that requires being implemented quickly using a tactical team of installers, or products you would like promoted on a periodic basis.
  • You would like to hit the ground running.
    We have trained experienced full-time on-going merchandisers, team leaders and a tactical crew at your disposal.
  • You don’t have the time to manage everything and need assistance.
    We can take the strain and provide a Stress Free Service freeing up your valuable time.


So why choose GEM Merchandising over another Company?

The obvious answer is because you would like to work with a Company that has a reputation of delivering what they promise!

  • Improved availability of your products
  • Excellent standards of presentation
  • Reduced administration
  • Flexible workforce
  • Clear communication and reporting

GEM wouldn’t have Long term relationships with existing clients if we didn’t deliver what we promise.

Read some of our case studies and testimonials for yourself and then give us a call today!

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